Can you Sell Something that Doesn’t Exist?

How to monetize fandom

Benji Rogers, Founder
Season 1/ Episode 3

“There is a wonderful moment in Spinal Tap where the manager says to the artist, ‘look, it doesn’t matter how much we talk about it, there is no way to promote something that doesn’t exist’. And what occurred to me back in 2006, when I was living on an air mattress in my mom’s spare room, was that the internet has shattered that paradigm, you can sell something that doesn’t exist.”

Benji Rogers has monetized enthusiasm. As CEO of Benji built an entire business around connecting, artists and their most adoring fans. Want to hear demos and unreleased tracks? Want to see the creative process? How about a vial of blood? fans have had access to all of this and more. By offering, these so-called, “superfans,” an inside look at how the musical sausage is made, has opened an entirely new revenue stream for artists.