“I have really good breath control”. Carin Gilfry and the art of the Pivot

The Art of the Pivot. From Opera to Voice Over.


“I have really good breath control.”

Season 2/ Episode 1: Carin Gilfry – “Carin – Like Car in the Garage”

Three things you need to know about today’s podcast…

First, “yes” we have been away for a little while. Life, work, family – all the things that get in the way of a successful podcast, managed to get in the way of our successful podcast. But we’re back, and we have close to a dozen podcasts lined up and ready to go.

Second, Carin pronounces her name, “car-in” as in, “the car is in the garage.”

Third, you might have already heard of Carin because she’s kind of famous for being locked in a closet and you can listen to that part of her interview down below.

So why Carin? I like deep dives into particular professions because they invariably have great stories. So I figured, “Let’s talk to someone who does voice-overs,” see what we can find.

Starting her career as an opera singer (I liked to picture her belting out an aria wearing Viking horns while grasping a spear), Carin didn’t disappoint. Despite singing at some of the world’s most famous venues, a love of Opera wasn’t paying her bills. So Carin did what many successful artists do, leveraged her strengths, her fantastic voice, and pivoted. She tried her hand at voice-over work and quickly realized in today’s fractured media landscape, dulcet tones could pay the bills. Corporate videos, audiobooks, PA systems, even answering machines, everyone is looking for the perfect voice.

And now it’s more than just voice-overs, Carin now produces children shows, writes music, she’ll even write the theme music for your audiobook.

And it all started with opera.

Looking for more on Carin…

AND… she was nice enough to record us a new open.